family reunion: pictures

Teresa put together this cute little picture of all the grand kids.

From oldest to youngest.

family reunion-68

We’re missing two.

family reunion-73

family reunion-62

getting them together was no easy task.

family reunion-54

family reunion-50

We had family pictures taken!


AndersenFamily_print_001_IMG_1045-Edit AndersenFamily_print_002_IMG_1078-Edit AndersenFamily_print_003_IMG_1123 AndersenFamily_print_005_IMG_1162

Poor Carlee’s stomach was hurting!AndersenFamily_print_009_IMG_1126

We also took all white pictures with just the girls! Sam was the photographer for these.

white dress-73

white dress-3white dress-32white dress 50

family reunion-112

white dress-70 white dress-89white dress-82  white dress-92

Our little ballerina.

white dress-96

white dress-101white dress-99

family reunion: activites

Sam brought a few small exercise equipment so we could workout.IMG_20140613_074107841_HDR IMG_20140613_074410 IMG_20140609_072523809 IMG_20140608_200407927

Aunt Shannon with the my kiddos.IMG_20140608_162335644 family reunion-2

Each day Teresa assigned each family to be in charge a meals and activities.

family reunion-136

Shannon put together a family banner and each up us put our hand prints on it.

family reunion-132family reunion-131

Preston loved hanging out with his cousins.

family reunion-81

We also had a talent show one night which was so much fun!

talent show

family reunion: the pool

We had so much fun in this pool it was beautiful and the view was amazing with it being an infinity pool made it even more cool.

family reunion-17

The waterfall was a hit.

family reunion-14 family reunion-37 family reunion-38

Of course the slide was a hit!

family reunion-40 family reunion-44

Cole with reunion-138

Snow cone face, many snow cones were reunion-144

That surfboard lasted 5 minutes in the pool. It was a bit reunion-142

IMG_20140609_090740638 family reunion-141

So much fun with reunion-140 IMG_20140610_151847471 IMG_20140609_153422072_HDR

family reunion

June 11-13

Andersen Family Reunion

We drove down to the San Diego area to get to the family reunion. We were staying in the most amazing home.


I didn’t get a picture of the entire house but here is the front door.

family reunion-31Looking from the other direction.

family reunion-28

Down the driveway. family reunion-29

The front side of the reunion-26Some inside pictures.

family reunion-33

Up to the Master bedroom, lucky us, we got to stay there and the gym room.

family reunion-34   family reunion-1

The back yard swimming pool was amazing.

family reunion-20

From the other reunion-11

family reunion-23

The slide for the reunion-22 family reunion-4 family reunion-8 family reunion-12 family reunion-13 family reunion-14

The hot reunion-16

An amazing view!family reunion-17

happy birthday

Happy birthday to my sweet amazing husband! I love you so much

I gathered a few of my favorite photos of him from the last few months!




IMG_20140613_185219668   IMG_20140616_081423764


IMG_20140808_110614243   IMG_20140823_114013696




IMG_20140901_115143853   IMG_20141004_113715865-SMILE

preston's birthday-31



Thanks for being such an amazing father and husband. So hard working and so loving, you are the best. I love you so much!

One more for fun!


memorial weekend at mercer caverns and big trees

May 24-26th

Over Memorial Weekend we went to the cabin and spent some time together with Sam’s parents. It’s always really relaxing going to the cabin. The kids love to explore, play and work and it’s fun for me to watch them and relax.

On Saturday, Teresa stayed at the cabin with Cole and Dan took the rest of us to Mercer caverns. Enjoy the pictures because there are a lot of them!IMG_20140524_084531394

Sam had the camera for this adventure and I took a few with my camera phone!



We were there a few minutes early so we waited for the tour guide to get started.

memorial weekend-2


IMG_20140524_092437860   memorial weekend-5

memorial weekend-6

memorial weekend-10


Laying down some rules!!



Ready to get started!

memorial weekend-16


memorial weekend-17

memorial weekend-19

memorial weekend-31

memorial weekend-34

memorial weekend-38

memorial weekend-39

Audrey’s a kisser, and I can’t resist those cute kisses!

memorial weekend-42

memorial weekend-46

memorial weekend-50

memorial weekend-56

memorial weekend-58

It was beautiful in there. Lots of steep stairs and narrow passage ways. We had fun and the kids really enjoyed it!

When we got out Sam bought the kids a lovely treat!

IMG_20140524_102944940   IMG_20140524_103024918

We came back and Sam and the kids got in the hot tub.

memorial weekend-65

memorial weekend-68   memorial weekend-70

memorial weekend-72   memorial weekend-75

memorial weekend-76   memorial weekend-78



While at the cabin Sam did a little bit of digging out tree stumps.



Everywhere Cole ate he looked cute so I had to take pictures of him!

IMG_20140524_112107817   IMG_20140524_175413643


He’s also learning words!


Sunday we went to church and Monday we went up to Calaveras Big Trees.

We checked out the visitor center.

memorial weekend-81

memorial weekend-82

And then went for an easy 2 mile hike.

memorial weekend-94


IMG_20140526_101522756   memorial weekend-89

memorial weekend-96

memorial weekend-100   memorial weekend-103

memorial weekend-106

memorial weekend-111   memorial weekend-113

Sam’s perspective!

memorial weekend-115

Heidi’s perspective!


memorial weekend-117

memorial weekend-118

Near the half way point the little ones were getting too tired to walk!

memorial weekend-120   IMG_20140526_105543457


And Cole fell asleep!!

memorial weekend-122

memorial weekend-127

memorial weekend-125


Love that walk, so pretty there! I couldn’t believe Cole fell asleep while on my shoulders. We had a great weekend and headed back home!

cooking at the cabin

The weekend that Carlee was baptized my parents and sister Alisa and her 2 girls, Payton and Morgan, came in to town. We got to hang out on Sunday.

IMG_20140427_161925082_HDR   IMG_20140427_163513332



IMG_20140427_163750479_HDR   IMG_20140427_171502732   IMG_20140430_122115710

On Monday my mom, Alisa, Kristina (my girlfriend) and I went up to the cabin. Teresa had put together a “Cabin Cooking Class” at their cabin with Alisa, my sister, cooking for us. Alisa teaches cooking classes regularly out of her home and does some catering also. We got there Monday and left on Wednesday, and Sam and my dad watched the kids the whole time. Talk about a relaxing few days!

Alisa made some amazing food! I loved it all. These eggs and crepes were to die for.

IMG_20140428_112713667_HDR  IMG_20140429_093423235

I’ve made these Shredded Beef Chipotle Rolls a few times for my family and we all LOVE them! A few other things she made; Pretzels with chicken salad, sushi spring rolls, a triple layer cake! YUM! It was all so delicious!

IMG_20140428_200643560   IMG_20140428_174057141


While we weren’t watching Alisa make all our food we got do some shopping, picnic and a hike!



me and Kristina / my mom and me

IMG_20140429_140119531   IMG_20140429_151139452_HDR

We relaxed a whole bunch!



Teresa is such an amazing host! She does so much, she’s fabulous!


We went away with prizes and new aprons!




Thanks so much Teresa and Alisa for an amazing 3 days of delicious food and so much fun!


While at home Sam had planned to take everyone to the Monterey Bay Aquarium but that didn’t work out when Cole gave everyone a scare. He had a really high temperature for several days and with no indication as to why except some high levels in his blood work. Our doctor sent him and Sam to the ER. After a day they finally discovered some bumps and what it was. It wasn’t anything as scary as they first thought. Thank goodness!




rock star birthday

We decided a long time ago that we wouldn’t have birthday party’s every year on our children’s birthday. Instead we have family over and we have dinner. But when our kids turn 8 we celebrate with a birthday party!

Carlee chose to have a Rock Star theme. She chose the colors and specific details and I put it all together, I love this sort of thing, so it was fun for me!

carlee's party-25

carlee's party-26


Carlee chose purple, pink, turquoise and black as the colors. So I just got everything in those colors.

We wanted all the girls to have items to dress up with and a bag to put them in. There was a serious lack of cute backs that went with the theme, as far as I could find. So I decided to just make a simple back. They were super easy to make, they are just rectangles sewn up the sides with a lining. I just bought the strap and pink zebra print, the lining was extra fabric I had in my scrap fabric drawer which made them pretty cheap for 9-10 bags.

carlee's party-28

The purple metallic paper is wrapping paper cut to size!

carlee's party-27

carlee's party-31


Lunch was simple; bagel bites, hot dogs chips Blue Kool Aid. Simple snacks as well; pink starburst, donuts holes, blue jelly beans, & blue rock candy.

carlee's party-32


I set up a dress up station and a photo booth!carlee's party-30carlee's party-5    carlee's party-15.

As each of Carlee’s friends showed up I took a picture of them by themselves, with Carlee and a group photo. While the girls were eating lunch I had the pictures printed at Wal-Mart and Sam picked them up so each girl was able to take home their own pictures.

We moved the couches so they could play “Just Dance”.

carlee's party-35


We also set up a CD player outside and they were able to go outside and sing into their play microphones and perform for each other.

Carlee wanted microphone cupcakes and I didn’t realize the mini ice cream cones would be so hard to find and it was too late to order on-line so I found the mini ice cream drumsticks. Removed the ice cream and made her microphones to go on the cupcakes using this tutorial. I had the pearl sprinkles on hand, it would have looked much better with silver, they still turned out cute though!

carlee's party-33


carlee's party-34


Everything turned out great, the girls had a good time! And Carlee had a blast, she was a happy girl!

carlee's party-17


carlee's party-41   carlee's party-47

carlee's party-45

carlee's party-43

carlee's party-52

carlee's party-53

carlee's party-54


carlee's party-23


The next day was her actual birthday. Sam and I made her wait till then to get her gift from us! A new bike!

carlee's birthday-easter-1


And that evening her Grandparents came and she got to be spoiled even more!

What a little lady!

carlee's birthday-easter-7

carlee's birthday-easter-9


carlee’s baptism


April 26, 2014

carlee 8-12

Carlee’s baptism was such a special day for us. We were so excited for her and her choice to be baptized.

carlee 8-3

For several weeks prior, for Family Home Evening, we would talk about baptism and what it meant so that she could understand and be ready for what would lie ahead of her.

carlee 8-5


She was ready and she was excited!

carlee 8-4

Carlee is an amazing girl, she is a very easy child. She gets nervous about things but overcomes those fears. She takes things in stride and honestly tries to better herself.

carlee 8-8

She’s kind and thoughtful and tries to make people feel good. She’s a great helper to me with her siblings. And she’s got the most fun belly laugh when she does it, makes me look at her and smile!

carlee 8-11



This girl is growing up right before my eyes and she makes me happy doing it. Time truly had gone by so quickly since we put thaty baby girl into her blessing dress.

carlee 8-2


It was cold when we took these pictures, she did great hiding it!

carlee 8-15


We were so excited for our family and friends to be able to join us on her special day!

carlee's baptism-1



carlee's baptism-6   carlee's baptism-10

Some even were able to come from out of state! yay!!!

Aunt Alisa and cousins Payton and Morgan / Aunt Shannon and cousin Anna

carlee's baptism-9   carlee's baptism-7

Uncle Denver & Aunt Bree / Libby, John, Mikayla and Ashlee (basically cousins)


carlee's baptism-8   carlee's baptism-11


Uncle Mason, Aunt Jessica and week old Alene / Brian and Amy (Sam’s aunt and uncle)

carlee's baptism-12   carlee's baptism-15


carlee's baptism-13   carlee's baptism-14

I wasn’t able to get a picture of everyone! But here is our family with the special girl!

carlee's baptism-4

The baptism was so special and I loved it! This is my most favorite picture just after Preston said to Carlee, “Carlee, I’m so proud of you, I felt the spirit too! I love you!”

carlee's baptism-17


After the baptism everyone was invited to our house for some food!

carlee's baptism-20   IMG_20140426_171635259


Someone would help Cole lift the ottoman and he was so proud of himself, he thought he was doing it himself! Pretty cute!



carlee's baptism-19


carlee 8-7

carlee 8-6




March 22

About 2 months prior to a Triathlon held here in town, my friend Kristina started talking to me about it. And started trying to convince me to join her in participating the small triathlon. I was very hesitant because I’m not a very good swimmer. When I was younger I quite the swim team because it was so hard for me. I also have very little experience in bike riding in competition. So, after contemplating for a while I decided to join her and her dad, Jim, in the race. I signed up and started training. My bike is old and tough and I hadn’t ridden it since long before Sam and I got married 10 years ago. wow!!

We started training and found a few places to practice swimming, gratefully I got better at the swimming part. We went through a run through twice and I felt ready!

triathlon (1)

triathlon (3)


Sam and the kids are such troopers. They danced and played games while waiting for me to run and bike.





Here I am finishing the run and transitioning to the bike.



Swimming, I forgot to put my goggles on! oh dear! The swimming started off in the deep end and I remember thinking, you can NOT stop (which I wanted to, I was so tired) you will drown, it’s so deep! That kept me going!




I finished, which I was so grateful for!!!

Here is Kristina and I.

triathlon (9)

I happen to get 1st in my age group of like 3 or 4 people! Either way I was proud of myself for doing something out of my comfort zone!

triathlon (23)

That night Sam took us out to celebrate!!!


jessica’s baby shower

Jessica’s baby shower was adorable, way back in March!!! Teresa put together this Lamb Theme cuteness, I got to help a little with some of the digital parts and make cupcakes!

jessica's shower-3

jessica's shower-1   jessica's shower-2   jessica's shower-8

jessica's shower-4


Sugar spun wool was cotton candy!

jessica's shower-5

jessica's shower-6

jessica's shower-12

jessica's shower-10



And then in April, Jessica had Alene, on Carlee’s birthday!!

IMG_20140421_184808270   IMG_20140421_184954993_HDR

IMG_20140421_184903387   IMG_20140421_184028142


And had the baby blessing in June!



We love babies!!

happy birthday cole

Cole turned one last Tuesday, I can’t even believe how fast time has gone by. But life has started to get a little easier as he’s gotten a little older.

Cole was, and is, an awesome baby but he did fuss a lot when he was little and so my time was very focused on him this last year. As you may have notice all the blog updates I’ve had more free time and get little things done.

Cole is happy and smiles lots and loves to play with his siblings. He’s my little baby!

Cole was ready to have a great birthday and he loved it. When we said, “happy birthday” to him he would get a big smile every time!

First thing he got to do was to open a card from Grandma and Grandpa.




And he was happy all day!

During his nap, Audrey helped me bake his cake.



We invited Sam’s parents and siblings over for dinner to celebrate! We ate orange chicken over rice, egg rolls and broccoli. Then we opened presents.  Cole was a whoot to watch. Possibly more so because I’m his mom and love him to death!




I think he’s wondering why he’s suppose to be so excited over this green paper!


When we got to this big bag we weren’t sure how to put it so Cole could dig into it! We started with it on the chair.

untitled-35And then tried having him over it!


That didn’t work either so Sam just held it for him!

untitled-37I took some video at this point, and a little before. Here’s a video that’s probably way more funny to me than anyone!



Can you see her excitement!untitled-45





Thanks for coming!




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